We operate in a time of constant change and turmoil. With global events and uncertainty effecting everyone, working capital is likely to become ever more crucial as a business’s lifeline. Although not suitable for all businesses, ensuring sufficient cash-flow is generally provided by Invoice Finance.

With the high number of Invoice Funders in the market, and the varying types of facility available (all subtly different), it is crucial to ensure the most appropriate and flexible facility, as well as funder, is chosen.

With over 30-years’ experience in the world of Invoice Finance, I still find many clients look for the cheapest facility with the least information required. This rarely results in the most suitable funder or type of facility being utilised and can sometimes lead to a difficult relationship between the client and funder from day 1. The impact this has on a business with regards to time, effort, and potential restriction in funding, is not what a business owner or the funder wants. The old adage of ‘right first time’ and ‘cheapest isn’t always best’ rings so true.

As with most businesses, different Invoice Finance lenders have slightly different target clients and ‘sweet spots’. If you know what these are, the decision of who to approach makes the decision much easier and smoother.